A Note on Heritage

“Heritage” is simply a collective preference and sentiment for a history chosen at random that individuals have decided to value in a personal, subjective way. This leads to all kinds of mischief …Like putting what the “Founding Fathers” may or may not have thought about things vs what we actually need right now to continue to exist. “But that’s mah heritage.” The example that they actually left us to follow was to do what we need and change our social realities.

Look at the “lost cause” folks who find their “heritage” in the south’s defeat during the Civil War. Four or five years of some of the WORST years America has to offer and THAT is what they latch onto. THAT is what they feel “bad” about. Pullease “But that’s mah heritage.” …The ownership of other human beings as property “That’s mah heritage,” and so on. The Beatles lasted longer than that and certainly left a better time in their wake.

I’m not saying that heritage is unimportant or can shape us positively. We each have a say so on what we choose to celebrate and emphasize in our lives.
Do better. Choose space flight or suffrage or something COOL that happened instead.

Image by Sim Br (Flickr) used under Creative Commons License
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