Workingman’s Bread

Workingman’s Bread is a heady mix of southern, guitar driven psychedelia that blends southern roots and hard rock with a retro flavor that recalls the spirit of rock from the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Is there lyrical imagery? Sure, but it’s for the listener to decide what that’s about.
Speaking as the songwriter, I’m not going to up-sell you or tell you that it’s the best music you’ve never heard. However, it’s probably not the worst thing you’ve heard, either. Some people have even told me they like it. We enjoyed recording this and Workingman’s Bread features a number of local Birmingham musicians who contributed their time and talent to make this music happen. This alone means more than I can put into words. Some of them are no longer with us: Steve Casteel, Carlito Jackson and Genie McElroy. I’ll never forget them.
Alamantra originally recorded these tracks throughout the latter part of 2011 and early 2012 with engineer, Brad Timko, at Avondale Sound in Birmingham, Alabama. This most recent release features alternate mixes and remastering.
All I can tell you about these songs, really is …have a listen and if you like it buy it, share it with your friends. Party to it. We did.


3. Move On

4. Spaces