The Symphonette

The Symphonette is an instrumental that we recorded in 2008 with Bob Russom at his private studio in Graysville, Alabama.
Music: Bobby Shifett & Mark Komater
Musicians: Andrew Reid: Bass | Kenny Shiflett: Drums | Bobby Shiflett: Guitars

Lyrics: Instrumental

Song Stories: Coming Soon
The Symphonette is sort of an ongoing “organic” song that saw it’s first performance circa 1987. It is actually just a collection of various movements written in D (both major and minor, depending on the movement.) Over the years some movements have been removed and different ones added. I recall that at one point, in the late 1980s and now since long lost, it had a harpsichord section. The “Tomorrow Never Knows” homage intro was added in 2003 or 2004. The next movement, aka “Geek is Adam,” was the original beginning of the song and it was written in 1987. The 3rd movement was salvaged from a song called “Love and Peace,” that Kenny, Drew and I recorded during our “Angels, Death and Revolution” sessions at Synchromesh Studios in 1995. The fourth movement, which is the quirky Mediterranean bit was part of the original Symphonette and was written primarily by Mark Komater, who played bass in one of the earlier projects. It’s always remained as one of the central and, to me, most interesting elements in the song. The final movement was added during this 2004 recording session that this track is taken from. It was written to be a sort of seque into 432 (2nd Version) for our live shows during that time.