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First released in Feb. 2010, Alamantra’s “By Turns” was edited, remastered and re-released in January 2018. This album features seven songs, recorded as demos, between 2000 & 2008. The music is primarily performed by Alamantra core members: Bobby Shiflett, Kenny Shiflett, Andrew Reid and Stephen Casteel but also includes contributions from vocalist, Laura Stansell (Unsettled, Alarm Clock, Voodoo Mouth, Rocker’s Requiem), drummer, Guyton Sanders and percussionist, Ashley Hoefer (Mark of Cain and The Old Trickster’s Last Grand Parade.)
Some listeners have referred to Alamantra as a “message” band, so it isn’t surprising that the lyrical themes explored on “By Turns” cover a range of themes including spiritual conflict (Mark of Cain – Unsettled), countering despair with hope to find a sense of inner balance (The Old Trickster’s Last Grand Parade), being open and maintaining a sense of wonder (Marvel), as well as the events 9/11 (Alarm Clock), and Hurricane Katrina (Voodoo Mouth)
The original 2010 release contained three songs not present in this collection: Surf Babe, Pike’s Peak or Bust, and In the Shadows. Those songs were removed as they were not able to be remastered to satisfaction and there are plans for a new a recording of Surf Babe. The current release includes Voodoo Mouth which was not available on the previous release.

Every song has a story to tell. Click on each song to find out more about it.
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